Jeremy Van Tress grew up in a working-class, blue-collar home. His father was a construction worker and is now a truck driver and his mother did clerical work. In childhood, Jeremy learned the value of hard work at a young age working construction jobs with his father and mowing lawns. At the age of 16, dealing with abandonment, he left home and supported himself. He faced periods of homelessness for the remainder of high school while balancing employment and sports with school work. After graduating high school, Jeremy learned Spanish and served a two-year mission for his church in Central Chile, where he helped people grow in their faith and overcome their challenges. He is a first-generation college graduate and scholarship athlete. He is a medically retired commissioned officer and combat veteran of the US Army.

During his military career, Jeremy was the first 2nd Lieutenant to serve in the Joint Special Operations Command, was a paratrooper, and earned the Bronze Star Medal for his distinguished service in Afghanistan. He is an accomplished clinical social worker and was the first person since Stephen Hawking to earn a Ph.D. after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. In 2019, Jeremy was selected as a 2019 Pat Tillman Scholar. Most importantly, Jeremy is a husband and father of six children, with whom he lives in the beautiful town of Corvallis.

When Jeremy married his wife, Courtney, who was born and raised in Corvallis, he fell in love with Oregon’s forests, mountains, and coastline. Along with its natural beauty, he loves Oregon for its diversity and for the generosity of hard-working people who study, work, and contribute to make Oregon a better place. And, although his military service took him and his family away from Oregon, after being medically retired, his love for the land and people brought them back for good. Jeremy believes in America, and he wants to do his part to help Oregonians be safe and prosperous. Until recently, he held his political beliefs close to his chest. He never intended to run for office, but the polarizing state of American politics has invoked the servant leader inside of him. Just as he did during his time in the Army, Jeremy feels called to serve once again to defend the constitution, drain the swamp in Washington, support Oregon’s families, and preserve America’s way of life. It’s time for Oregon to be represented by someone with Lou Gehrig’s disease who can bring empathy, compassion, and bipartisanship back to the halls of Congress. 

As much as Jeremy loves Oregon, he knows there’s much to be done. Civil unrest and violence have made our cities less safe, chased away our businesses, and have brought division amongst our people. We need to reaffirm our commitment to support law enforcement as they keep us safe while protecting peaceful protests. Lane County has one of the highest homeless rates in the United States, and our legislators have failed to work collaboratively with our communities to respond effectively. Inadequate funding for forest maintenance has resulted in devastating high-intensity forest fires that destroy our economy, environment and pollute our air. These are only some of the important issues that threaten our values and way of life that Jeremy will work on. As your representative, he will build bridges to repair the political divide that threatens our Republic. Jeremy will defend and uphold the constitution and preserve our most fundamental human rights to worship, bear arms, and speak our minds. He will work with our community leaders, lobby our state legislature, and collaborate with Congress to bring about bipartisan solutions for our most pressing issues.

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Jeremy Van Tress was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army.
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